Blade & Soul: The feedback on the Trove Battleverse

Turns out I was wrong. You get none of your gear, except for EXP and a banner, and I find this mode very balanced. The capture the flag blade and soul gold part is cool, and it rewards those who work hard and punishes those who leave the computer there, hoping that they get something for just being there(they DON’T XD).

When the update first came, I didn’t play the PvP mode because I was afraid that players with better gear would beat me easily.

The only problem I have is class balancing issues. The Fae Trickster is overpowered, obviously, and the lunar lancer surprisingly is, too; but they aren’t bad as two certain classes:
Shadow Hunter and Ice Sage
The Shadow Hunter(which is one of my mains) doesn’t have it well when it comes to sun snares, BUT; it deals a lot of damage, and can even one-hit kill with the Arrow of the Goddess.

And now, the Ice Sage. Pery lets out a deep sigh and facepalms. [and he’s totally not suggesting chat emotes.The Ice Sage’s “The Big Chill” is very, VERY cheap in PvP. Do ya want to be a lazy bum JERK and cheaply DISPOSE of players(and ANY joy they were having in the Battleverse)? Just use The Big Chill on a group of players, rain icicles(sorry, ice CRASHES) down on their skulls and watch as they EXPLODE from ALL the damage that they sustained and COULDN’T avoid, and watch friendships and feelings EXPLODE along with them.

To conclude, the Battleverse is an awesome PvP mode that is lots of fun, and is fair to bns gold. The only problem with this mode is class balancing. Then go and reevaluate your life(That is, if you do what is said above).


How to make fifa 15 coins by buying Ultimate Edition

fifa 15 coins

There are more and more players playing FUT. EA Sports knows that and has released a special edition designed for these players: the Ultimate Edition. Besides the cover and the higher price, the only difference to the main FIFA 15 version is the offer of a gold pack in each of the 24 weeks after the registration of your club.

The Ultimate Edition doesn’t offer you coins. This special edition gives you packs. You can sell the cards on the market and convert them into coins. As you get one pack every week, then you can turn those packs in an extra weekly income.

The first step is to buy the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 15. You will pay a bit more but, if you usually buy packs, the money will be well spent because the price per pack will be much lower than normal.

Once you get into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for the first time, they will give you a pack. You do not have to do anything except to get into the store to open it. You will receive the remaining 23 gold packs the same way during the 23 weeks, always on the same day of the week. Every time you receive a pack, open it and put the cards for sale on the market. When the auctions finish, you will receive some coins. If you have luck, you will get a lot of coins.

There isn’t a lot to improve in this method in order to make more profit because it depends on the cards you get.There is only one concern that you should have. As you know, if you have the Ultimate Edition, you will receive one pack every week. However, if you do not get into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for one week, the pack for that week will expire and you will never receive it. Getting less packs means receiving fewer coins…

This method of earning FIFA 15 coins thanks to the Ultimate Edition has two major advantages. Firstly, the income is guaranteed. Since you go into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team every week, you will receive the packs that you will transform into coins. Secondly, it is easy and simple. You almost do not have to do anything because the packs are credited to your account automatically. You just have to sell them.

The main problem with this method is that it costs real money. As in the method of buying packs, you are investing your money hoping to get lucky in packs. In most cases you will be disappointed with the coins you will earn thanks to this method. Still, buying the Ultimate Edition is a good choice compared to buying packs because the price per unit is lower. Receiving one pack every week and not when you want can be a negative point. Furthermore, this method can not be repeated.

Make fast fifa 15 coins for coming january update

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Are you annoyed with how to make fast FIFA 15 coins for FIFA 15 jaunary update? If you haven’t made enough coins in the tips you get from other articles, we’ll give up 4 great tips to earn coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team! Try each of the techniques out and share with us your experience.

The Selling
After you bought a number of game players, post them all up on the market. Since you will have a big market share in this player, you’d better charge a little more than the going rate, raising the going rate of the player effectively. You are price fixing effectively the market and people will pay your prices if they are willing to purchase the player. If necessary, keep dropping slightly the price.

Play Matches and Tournaments
This is the most important method, which can be the most used method. Normally, you can earn about 550 coins by playing games, while you can get a profit of at least 1000 coins via tournaments. If you want to buy the next essential player for your team, you consider this method because it is very effective to make fast coins. It is noted that you’d better compete with your weaker side in case any injuries occur and you can choose to sell the player in the auction house.

Regular Players
Non shiny gold players discard for at least 300 coins. This means that if you manage to buy players for 300 coins or under,you are sure to make a large profit. The discard price is based on the overall rating of the card.

The Time
Buy during Non-Peak hours, sell during Peak hours. It is at night that the majority of gamers buy cards and in the afternoon-evening that players sell cards. Generally speaking, most gamers play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team between 4pm and 4am in their time zone. You have thechance to snap up bargains if you stay up late at night. And then wait until tomorrow to sell them out in the afternoon to get a profit.

Try this tips out now for coming FIFA update,Enjoy your day!

Full FIFA 15 Team Of The Year List

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The FIFA 15 TOTY was announced at January 12th. You can see here who are the players that are being released on very special blue cards.

The Team of the Year was announced at 5:40pm (UK time) and the first cards were released on packs at 8pm. The cards are not available in packs all at the same time. For each position there are specific dates.

GK: Manuel Neuer – FC Bayern (90 > 96)
RB: Philipp Lahm – FC Bayern (87 > 88 > 95)
CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid (87 > 88 > 94)
CB: David Luiz – PSG (82 > 89)
CB: Thiago Silva – PSG (87 > 93)
CM: Toni Kroos – Real Madrid (85 > 86 > 93)

CM: Iniesta – FC Barcelona (89 > 95)
CAM: ángel Di María – Manchester Utd (86 > 87 > 94)
RM: Arjen Robben – FC Bayern (90 > 91 > 92 > 96)
LW: Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid (92 > 93 > 94 > 99)
CF: Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (93 > 94 > 95 > 98)

You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Goalkeeper and Defenders:
Manuel Neuer – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
Philipp Lahm – Germany – FC Bayern München (Bundesliga)
David Luiz – Brazil – Chelsea (Barclays PL)
Thiago Silva – Brazil – Paris Saint-Germain (Ligue 1)
Sergio Ramos – Spain – Real Madrid (La Liga)
The Goalkeeper and Defenders are available in packs from January 12th 8pm to January 14th 6pm.

You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Midfielders:
Andrés Iniesta – Spain – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)
Toni Kroos – Germany – Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)
Di Maria – Argentina – Manchester United (Barclays PL)
The Midfielders are available in packs between January 14th 6pm and January 16th 6pm.

You can see here the stats of the all FIFA 15 TOTY Forwards :
Arjen Robben – Netherlands – FC Bayern (Bundesliga)
Lionel Messi – Argentina – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA)
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal – Real Madrid (Liga BBVA)
The Forwards are available in packs between January 16th 6pm and January 17th 6pm.

Tips on how to make Lots of coin for fifa 15


This process is best to start best suited from the launch of supreme team but you can buy FIFA 15 coins and do now nonetheless!So tell trading! These a means no trouble simple and easy to shop for FIFA 15 coins and buy and possess to attend!

Who to look for? when fifa 15 comes basically the tell for that initial four times will rise very huge by 6-12 several weeks throughout the total video game simply because there the main you will find not as a variety of by this time all-around, predominantly look for for good nationality or complete effective stats, at beginning can select these up for 15-20k FIFA coins, they increase to round 50-60k FIFA coins can execute, silver notifies as well and bronze.

so during fifa trade natural cards and purchasing notifies when they display up less expensive with better stats, as well as in trade pile then soon after 6-7 a number of months start out offering from your notifies for 25-50k you can expect to end observe of enormous degree of coins!

Fee rises on notifies mainly because there uncommon to acquire, most people nevertheless select them should preferably they have got common stats for that participant because they like to shop for FIFA coins as well as have entire if squads ect, make an effort to pay for FIFA coins and avoid notifies with small pace as these do not improve fee a superb offer!

And and lastly will not be troubled if the player drops price, if there a completely new notify when couple quite a few months they will purchase FIFA coins and sneak in!

Helpful Ideas for Enhancing Perfomance in FUT 15


Have you been heading to make an honest workforce although you don’t need for being bothered by actively playing countless amount of video games just to afford a number of very good gamers? Are you presently suffering poor luck in gold packs lottery? Then you should really read through the following.

When you’ve observed a player to the buy fifa 15 coins marketplace which includes only some playing cards out there to get, locate the least expensive 1, invest in them then market them yet again in a a bit higher cost but ensuring that they are still the cheapest.

You will discover inexpensive gamers heading each and every moment about the current market, all you’ve got to carry out is be there every time they do.Cease buying packs. The probability of acquiring a quite high price participant are so tiny you might be throwing away cash. Gamble when you have a lot of money in the event you really need to.

Ideal time and energy to get players is at the start of latest tournaments and just just after they’ve finished.There may be a standards for that player, and also you do ought to know when to trade, the way to pick the appropriate deal, and when to move on.

Offer in very fashionable players with techniques and tempo and extensive shot means. Hulk is usually a giant favorite Brazilian which has a quite effective shot.Verify throughout the key leagues, you need a participant that may be possibly the swiftest, or maybe the 2nd swiftest within their placement.

Attempt to order gamers all-around 4pm to 3am fut coins This is certainly helpful due to the fact there may be by far the most amount of playing cards over the industry, therefore pushing down costs.Locate the ideal participant and only get / market with them. Opt for a league, then the speediest player in a position.