Basic Tips to Get a Good Ultimate Team

fifa 15 coins

Are you always wanted to get brilliant players on FUT? Here is how!

1.Start with a bronze team, play a few matches. Get your coin level up. Once you reach about 15k, you should sell your players, try to reach 20k, but don’t worry if you don’t achieve it.
2.Use your coins to get a silver team, again, play some matches, try and change the difficulty of your matches to get more coins. Then sell your players.
3.Use the money from the silver players to buy a low rated gold team, 81 rated players maximum. Play more matches to get FIFA coins.

fifa image

4.Then, sell half of your gold players and buy the most expensive player you can afford
5.Put the players in your team, keep playing them until they get slow and tired, then sell those players.
6.Keep on buying packs, using players and then selling them, after a while, you will get very good players!


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