Which of the FIFA 15 Plenty Content Attracts you the Most


EA have announced the release date of FIFA 15. The game will release on September 26, 2014 in UK and September 23, 2014 in US receptively. With the game coming around the corner EA has given gamers something to look forward to.

It’s safe to say there’s plenty of content coming to FIFA 15 coins to make it seem like an essential purchase. The emotion is definitely a nice factor but we’re more impressed with the presentation than anything else, especially the way the pitch changes over time. Add everything together and by the time you make the step up you’ll again wonder how you ever put up with FIFA 14 Coins, a great game in its own right. Enrique summed it up best, “You put all of those together and we get a game that is much more fluid, realistic and overall one that’s much more fun to play.”

Football fans will notice that some players’ success rate on passes and shots on target may differ depending on their stamina in professional football matches. In order to make the game ever realer, this real-life feature is expected to be included, as well as an emotional system that could affect the football players’ performance depending on how they are playing. This way, the reward for a successful move will be higher than before when it didn’t matter. Thanks to this feature, FIFA 15 gamers will be willing to increase their skills and also, they will play wisely, but their risk may suppose greater results.

So we’ve seen emotion, we’ve seen better presentation, we’ve seen a living, breathing pitch and we’ve seen a sexier looking Bale. But what about the actual gameplay?

The most significant update is a spinning ball. Before, when players touched the ball the spin would be killed and it would have no factor on what you did next. If they went to flick it on they could do so without much worry. Now that’s all changed and the spin dramatically alters everything you do. It may not sound like much, but the spinning ball makes a massive difference.


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