How to Get a Lot of FIFA 15 Coins on CP Without Hacking


Club Penguin is a family friendly game site where players earn  fifa 15 coins to purchase goodies for their penguins. There are many sites that provide hacks or cheats to get coins fast, but those tricks are against the Terms of Service at Club Penguin and will get a player banned. It is possible to earn 1000 or more coins playing certain games with a couple legal tricks. These tips do not require being a paid Club Penguin member, but it does help.

Go to the Cove. Click on the “Surf Hut.” Click the “Freestyle” mode.Choose the “Silver Surfboard” if you are a member and have one. Non-members cannot purchase surfboards.

Press the “D” button on the keyboard throughout the entire level of the game. The penguin will do a special move and earns 10 coins each time. Keep pressing the button and try to get the level to last as long as possible to build up coins.

Go to the Night Club to play DJ3K. Click the speakers to get started making music.Click the different objects on the DJ table to make sounds. Keep making music until the penguin is happy and the lights flash.

Stop clicking and let the music you created play. The longer the song plays, the more coins you earn.Click on the DJ table to change up the song after five minutes. This keeps the game in play and the coins building up. Repeat until enough coins are earned.


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